GM lighting

6 06 2012

Lighting in cities uses a substantial amount of electricity, which is generally generated by burning fossil fuels.  Here is a much better solution:  Luminescent trees!!!  By genetically engineering trees with genes from bio-luminescent fish it would be possible to have trees that glow in the dark!!!



The money fountain collector

6 05 2012

Planning on backpacking through Europe, but don’t quite have enough cash?  What you need is a  Money Fountain Collector.

Many European cities have an untapped money supply, these are the fountains that people throw money into. The money fountain collector is a little remote control device that you put into fountains and it collects the money for you.

Not only do you get a lot of money but you do a good deed by tidying up those fountains.

The Aero-suit

1 05 2012

How unfair is this:  A slight person weighing 55kg goes on an aeroplane and they are limited to taking 10kg in hand luggage, when the average weight of a passenger is around 80kg, they should be allowed at least 25kg extra.

But don’t worry skinny people with lots of luggage, next time you travel wear the Aero-suit!  This is like a fat suit but with pouches inside so that you can store that extra stuff you could just not fit into your hand luggage!  

Mmm, this may lead to flight companies sizing passengers, like they size hand luggage 🙂

(pic of another idea I’m going to have to try on my next flight, source




The troublesome alarm

13 03 2012

Having problems getting up in the mornings?  Not if you have “The troublesome alarm”.  This alarm starts of with asking you to get up, then begs, then insults and finally resorts to blackmail…

Squeaky darkness

1 03 2012

Here is an idea that might appeal to fans of horror movies that have pets.  Squeaky toys for your pets that look like severed limbs.  (I got the idea while walking past a Labrador that had a muzzle to protect people from death by licking).


Character sheet

27 02 2012

Finding a match on a dating site must be very difficult especially since it is so difficult to compare people against each other.  To make things easier they should use character sheets like in Dungeon and Dragons, with stats like charisma, earnings etc.  I have done a character sheet for my role model:

(source and

Sponge Bob

26 02 2012

Some sleeping bags have a double zip, so it is possible to undo the bottom of your sleeping bag and walk around.  This is a great feature, but as your arms are still in the sleeping bag so you are quite limited.  So, zips for your arms aswell would be great.   However you would look a little like Sponge Bob.